Welcome to the Vaccine-Ohio website.

Announcement! OhioVaxInfo - I have created an e-list to go along with this website, my goal for the e-list is to create a network of people across the state of Ohio that can answer each others questions about different aspects of vaccines (for humans or animals), their dangers, laws, and exemptions.

This website is the home for the Ohio Chapter of the Vaccination Liberation.

The first purpose of this website is to inform Ohioans about their rights concerning vaccinations.

Be Informed about the laws concerning vaccinations for schools and the exemptions that you can use in Ohio. Your child does NOT have to be "up-to-date" on his or her shots before he or she can attend school, any school.

Sample exemption letter if you choose not to vaccinate or selectively vaccinate.  This is my own personal creation feel free to modify this letter to suit your needs.

  • There are some school district/University specific exemption letters here. I will be continually adding to this page as I find them.

Important Links to other vaccine information.

I have found a lot of package inserts on the internet, here are the ones I have, if you have one that I don't please send it to me so that I can add it to my list.

I will be adding a lot of other information soon, including information about the diseases that the vaccines are "supposed" to be protecting us against.  What to watch for if you think your child has been exposed.

If you have any questions about vaccines or their dangers, or about exemptions from vaccines in Ohio, please feel free to e-mail me.