Here is a list of forms that have been found on the internet for use:

    Please remember that if your school district is not listed here does NOT mean that you cannot use an exemption.  If your district is not listed then use the generic form that I created and have used in the past. Here is another one that baiscally says the same thing that mine says, but since it's in a form format and doesn't say whether it's religious or philosophical it would probably be more easily accepted by the schools, etc. It may even fly with doctors, etc.

I also found one to use with the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (Welfare).

Public school districts:

Universities or colleges:

Another idea, you may want to keep a copy of your exemption on file at your children's doctor's offices just in case.

If you have a exemption form of any sort, please send me a copy so that I can add it to this page.